The Girl from the Temple Ruins

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A temple to the goddess Amalishah lies in the remotest wastelands of Assyria. She is their protector but to others she is known as The Monster.

The Hittite prince Artaxias visits the Palace of the Goddess incognito to implore the temple priests to free prisoners captured from the border. He knows their fate, the appalling human sacrifice that will be made to the goddess who must feed on human blood.

Frustrated and humiliated, Artaxias returns to his king. The temple MUST be attacked and the goddess destroyed. The movement of Hittite forces into Assyria would certainly trigger war despite the ruler’s secret distaste for the temple. But it must be done. An army is assembled and sets out to crush the temple.

Four thousand years have eroded the memory and the evidence of these events until British Archaeologist Michael Townsend discovers the subterranean lair of the goddess.

Recovering in his tent from the effects of a bite from an unseen creature in the darkness of the temple, Michael is visited and instantly captivated by a mysterious and beautiful woman. The Hittites called her monster, lamia and Michael struggles with the realisation that this woman could be the ancient goddess, a creature now called vampire.

But as military forces gather to protect the discovery of gold, crime-boss Jawad assembles an army to claim it for himself.

Beautifully written, and at 706 pages it’ll keep you enthralled for ages.



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