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publishing and self-publishing since 2010

Our eBooks are compatible with all good eBook apps, Kindle, smartphones and tested to the latest industry standards.

At Oxford eBooks, we understand what it takes to make a successful eBook. We’ve been doing it since 2005 and have it down to a fine art. We use a delicate blend of technology and artistic talent to turn your original manuscript or printed book into a nicely formatted eBook file that you can sell.

We don’t believe that eBook conversions can be truly accomplished by pushing a button, it takes skill and experience to know what works and what doesn’t. We use our own software tools and processes to do most of the heavy-lifting so that we can be fast and efficient, and on top of that we hand-craft and check your eBook’s design and layout giving a result that we’re confident you will be delighted with and at a price that makes it all worthwhile.

…because real books are still a joy to so many.

Just because we’re a high-tech company it doesn’t mean that we don’t still embrace traditional values. We typeset, publish and print paperback editions for our customers as well as ourselves.

We use a world-class printing company to produce our books. They have print plants round the world, so shipping costs are kept low. We can register your printed book to be printed and distributed directly through Amazon and for order by book stores across the world. Order your books to be printed and delivered to your doorstep or anywhere else in the world in any quantity from a single book to a truck-load. We can set you up so that you get paid directly for the sales of your books – great news if you’re an author or a publisher.

We provide web hosting and design services.

Our other business Oxford WebHosting designs and provides hosting for web sites – including this one. We’ve produced a number of web shops for publishers and authors that we make books and eBooks for.

These two services often go hand in hand and we’d be delighted to help build you a platform to promote and sell your work (though if you’re looking to REALLY sell, ask us about helping you set up a sellers account on Amazon).

We’re also an independent publisher, and we’ll help you publish your book too.

We publish our own books through Amazon and other good book stores. If you want to dip your toe into the world of self-publishing then we’ll help you all the way. It’s really very easy!

Self publishing has never been easier, and because we can handle every step you don’t need any experince at all. Just concentrate on doing the writing if you like.

Here’s a 40 minute sample of one of our audiobooks complete with ambience, music beds, effects and over the top sci-fi weaponry!

Some more audiobook samples below, which we have published through Audible. These are considered ‘dry’ readings.


The Tribe


The Seed Garden

Ask about our audiobook production service.

We can prepare your book as a script for our excellent narrators to record.

We work to the ACX standard for publishing to Audible – your audiobook can appear next to the print and eBooks on Amazon.

Services range from simple ‘dry’ readings to full-production multi-cast epics like the one on this page.

We charge on a ‘per finished hour’ basis according to production quality, which means that we charge by the final audiobook play time. This includes all pre-production, recording, editing and mastering of the final recordings.

Incidentally, Andy also teaches Audiobook production at Brookes University.

The Oxford Indie Book Fair

November 2023 Exhibitors
The Oxford Indie Book Fair Team

Oxford eBooks is proud to be the founding member of the Oxford Indie Book Fair which has been running since 2020. We’re now running our event in the famous Oxford Examination Schools every year for book lovers, authors and publishers alike.

Some of our recent projects

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What our customers say about our work

Oxford eBooks are a fantastic & dedicated team that took the time to listen and understand my vision for publishing my children’s book, for which I am so grateful. They have so much expertise and were so responsive, that the result is a beautiful and charming book for chilldren, far beyond my imagination. Their patience, encouragment and attention to detail is incredible and I am excited to be able to work with them again very soon. – Natasha Spence, children’s author and illustrator
I have been pleased by the excellent quality of the formatting, especially of the pictures and relieved and grateful for the patience, friendliness and advice that Oxford eBooks has given. The outcome has been a longer and more complicated job that I expected, but Andy has been helpful and practical at every stage. – Keith McClellan, Author
Sound, professional service, prompt, willing to innovate, meets deadlines, recommended for first-time authors and seasoned veterans alike. – Mali Klein. Author
Oxford ebooks have always managed to deliver a speedy yet thorough and accurate service, even when presented with a very tight deadline! They are highly dependable. I recommend them. – Alice Fairbairn Wilberforce Publications
We have been working with Oxford eBooks for some time now. They have developed the SLG Press website for us, with its online shop. Recently they have provided a further development, so that we can offer eBooks. They have converted a number of books for us to eBook formats, with great attention to detail. We are grateful to have such efficient support to see us through these major changes. The staff are unfailingly helpful, conscientious and enthusiastic, showing great sensitivity to the needs of our business. – Sister Avis Mary Publisher (130 projects and counting as of summer 2017)
Having recently engaged Oxford eBooks to produce my first book, I found Andy Severn to be most efficient in giving help with the editing, layout and promptness, explaining every stage clearly so that I am completely satisfied before moving to the completed book. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other writers. – Monica Matterson Author
I am very pleased with your file conversion work. Your personal “hands-on” attention to detail is extraordinary! I definitely plan to use your services again. – Joseph E. Taylor Publisher
Glory to Glory were delighted with the speed, accuracy and competitiveness of the work done in readying our paperbacks for the e-pub market. Also for the market advice which has helped to focus us on getting best return from the (relatively new) eBook market. We look forward to working with you again. – Peter Sammons Publisher
Oxford eBooks is highly recommended by Parma Medical Romances. Conversions are top quality. Andy Severn is an expert and it’s a real pleasure to work with someone so unfailingly helpful and friendly. – Anna Ramsay Author
Have been working with Oxford eBooks for a couple of years, and am really delighted by the results. They take trouble with the conversions, and I’ve sent them several very complex books with hundreds of illustrations, indexing and footnotes. Attention to detail is second to none, timescale is always good, and nothing is ever too much trouble! – Jane Tatam Amolibros
I was looking for somebody locally in Oxford to convert my Book urgently into an iBook. Andy responded incredibly quickly, professionally, and within a week, I had a fully operational (including video media!) iBook. Superb service and more still he promises to be there in support for minor tweaks. Need your masterpiece ‘iBooked’? This is the company. – Tony Treadwell Author
Oxford eBooks has produced my eBook to a truly excellent standard. There is not one error to be found, and I am delighted. – Mary Cavanagh Author
Oxford eBooks is hands down the best service on the web for up and coming authors. The staff are friendly, accommodating and extremely professional. I would recommend this site to anyone interested in publishing a high quality piece of work. Two thumbs way up for this gem of a service! – William L.K. Science Fiction Author
Oxford eBooks have been endlessly helpful and extremely versatile; we have been very impressed by their dedication, resourcefulness, and attention to detail. – Anselm Aston Attica Books
Delighted to have worked with Oxford eBooks on my new book, DEVIL’S SONATA. They pulled out all the stops on this, and I’m profoundly grateful for their speed, efficiency and willingness to go beyond what I could have reasonably expected, with the end result that I have a book I’m really pleased with. I recommend Oxford eBooks to anyone, author or publisher, looking to go the eBook route. – Elizabeth Edmondson Novelist
Oxford eBooks helped me publish my first eBook. They were a real help to me and it was so simple. Before I knew it my eBook was on sale. – Dawn Cartwright Fantasy Author
Rebellion Publishing’s eBooks are among the best-looking and reader-friendly on the market, Oxford eBooks’ production of some of these sees their work for us rank among the finest available in the UK and internationally. – Ben Smith Rebellion Publishing
Hurrah for Oxford eBooks! While investigating the possibility of converting ‘The Banana Bunch’ to eBook format (a book originally set in landscape format, and awash with high quality watercolour illustrations) we were repeatedly warned that this would pose challenges for whoever was commissioned to undertake the work. Technical challenges certainly did arise, but Oxford eBooks were available to discuss these, and prompt to come up with solutions. The Banana Bunch team thank you so much for their new, beautifully converted, eBook. – Dawn Carroll Author
I was introduced to Andy by a friend for conversion of my first eBook ‘Feng Shui & Your Office’. The complex work of reproducing the cartoons and symbols was done beautifully and the text looked very exciting and crisp. The work was done very quickly and efficiently as promised, the benefit of which will be enjoyed by so many all over the world. I will have no hesitation in recommending Oxford eBooks for professional eBook creation. – Aroon Ajmera Author, Consultant and Teacher
We have now had over 350 titles and counting converted by Oxford eBooks. The quality of the eBook is fantastic, and many people that have bought them have commented on this. We both know how each other works and what is expected … no hassles, quick, efficient service and very easy to work with. This is a superb eBook conversion company, and I would highly recommend you use them. – Martin Maclean Christian Focus (430 projects and counting as of Summer 2017)
I found Oxford eBooks an outstandingly prompt and excellent service, nothing was too much and attention to detail superb. Andy who runs the business is also an extremely polite and obliging guy to deal with. Totally recommend the service for all eBook writers. Well done Andy. – Antony James Author: Two and a Half Weeks
We launched our first publication with Oxford eBooks, they were fast and incredibly efficient, great value for money too! Took all the hassle out of the process. Stewart Keiller, Marketing Director, ForMission