The Basics

There are many people that still like to pick up and hold a printed book.

Our print on demand service makes it possible for you to publish a professional looking paperback or hardback edition and distribute to the mainstream book sellers for a fraction of the price and with very little risk.

We can typeset, print, publish and distribute your book in printed form thanks to the rise of affordable Print on Demand factories that only print as many copies of your book as are ordered. No need to spend THOUSANDS on crates of boxes that sit in a warehouse.

We use print factories around the world, so your customers only ever pay local shipping fees. And if you want a box or two of your books to sell yourself, then that’s no problem at all we can order them for you to arrive directly to your door… or just about anywhere else in the world.

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Designing your book

When we design your book for you there are some options for you to choose from.

Trim size

We can make your book in a variety of sizes. 5×8″ and 6×9″ are popular sizes for a novel and keeps your printing costs reasonable, but we can print up to 8.5×11″ if you like.

With paperbacks, we make them perfect bound (that’s where the spine is glued). Ask about other cover types, sizes and bindings if you need them.


You can have a gloss or matte finish to your cover in full colour.


If you want a hardback then we can do that too – but do bear in mind that the cost of printing goes up quite a lot and so your earnings will reduce. This is nice though if you want to make something that really looks spectacular to show off or for a promotion.


There are a few paper options, but the main decision to make is white or crème. White is good if you have colour images in your book, crème is easy on the eye for novels.


For a standard novel, you’ll want to choose the black and white option, but we also print in full colour if you have photographs and graphics to show off.


Below are some example fees for creating a print on demand book, publishing it and shipping a box of books to your door when everything’s done.

All projects are different, so this example is based on a typical novel that we have done before: It’s 350 pages long, 5″x8″ paperback, black and white on crème paper.

The typesetting portion will change if your book or cover is more complex.

Typesetting and Book Design (up to 350 pages)£420
Cover Layout (based on high quality stock image or supplied illustration)£210
Submission of files to print factory and print proof£120
All prices include UK VAT at 20%. If you're outside the UK then you don't pay that.

What you get

We’ll professionally typeset your book, make it available on Amazon worldwide as well as register your ISBN for general distribution to all bookstores across the UK through our partner distributors that include Bertrams and Gardners.

You will receive one printed proof of your book for approval before it goes on sale.

We can also set you up with an account so that you can order your own stock, monitor sales and be paid directly into your own bank account when your book is on sale in the shops. This is a one-time setup cost of £60 (incl VAT) which you won’t need to pay for any subsequent books.


Here are a few things that you may need to add. For most people, the standard price is plenty though.

  • Print account setup £60 (one time only)
  • Hardback or larger sized paperback £70
  • Colour internals £70
  • Index (per page) £25
  • ISBN £12 (see notes on ISBNs)
  • Submission of revision. £120 If you want to make a change to your book after the first print proof is made then we need to charge for the submission and subsequent proof printing and shipping. We might charge a small amount for edits beyond the odd typo or extra paragraph.

All prices include UK VAT at 20%.