About us

Oxford eBooks Ltd. is an eBook production house based in Oxford, England. We specialise in high quality renditions of book manuscripts to ePUB for all eReaders such as iPad, iPhone, Kindle, NOOK, etc.

One of the driving forces behind Oxford eBooks is the desire to create great looking products and provide excellent customer satisfaction. This is what sets us apart from other production houses.

We’re confident that you will be delighted with the results of our work. So often we have shown eBooks that we have made to publishers and authors and have been met with gasps of admiration – that kind of response never fails to remind that if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing WELL.

Complete Publisher and Author services

We’ve had years of experience since 2010 publishing our own eBooks as well as helping others to set up their own publishing ventures.

eBook production for Publishers

A growing number of publishing houses are trusting the creation of their entire eBooks catalogue to Oxford eBooks. Feedback from our customers tells us that it’s not just the cost-effective service and quality that they enjoy, but also the helpful can-do attitude to resolving any technical matters.

You can supply your material to us in the industry standard formats that you created your print editions, such as InDesign, even physical books for old or out of print editions.

eBook publishing for Authors

We have already helped many authors to publish their eBooks online, and we can help you too. After your eBook has been created, sign up to Amazon KDP and have your work ready to sell on Amazon in just a few minutes.

All we need from you is your book manuscript. It doesn’t need to be in a fancy format, MS Word, RTF etc will be fine. And you don’t need to worry about formatting, we’ll look after that.

Graphic Design

Our experienced and talented artists can produce first class cover artwork, designs and internal illustrations for your eBook or printed book.

Printed Book Design

Coming full circle, we can design your printed edition and get it professionally printed for you to sell yourself or through international booksellers such as Amazon.

We use world-wide print-on-demand factories that can produce a single copy or as many as you like in paperback, hardback colour or black and white print.

If you have your own preferred printer, then just ask for the press-ready PDF.