Original Projects

If your book’s not quite finished, we can help you get it done

Once in a while, someone comes to us with a book that they’re still working on, or have got as far as they can and need a little help to get it finished. Those are the MOST fun. It’s always nice to work with an author on their project to get it completed. Usually, these are the more complicated books that come as a bundle of notes in a folder with photographs or a word document that needs to be laid out in print and tweaked here and there.

On several occasions we’ve been able to work with the author to turn their ‘almost complete’ manuscript into the finished article.

Here are a few examples where we’ve developed the title and produced the print and eBook editions. Click on the images to see them on sale worldwide on Amazon!

If you’d like us to help you get your project into print or screen then drop us a line to tell us more about it and we’ll work out the best and most cost-effective way to make that happen for you.

Naturally, these projects are going to take up more time and expertise so do be prepared to hear quotes in the region of £500 to £2500 to get your glossy colour hardback packed with beautiful full-colour illustrations and tables. The results are really satisfying, and our prices are certainly competitive.

One other thing to consider when embarking on a project like this is how you are going to make your money back. Admittedly, not everyone is in it for the vast fortunes that come from being a number one bestselling author but we always endeavor to make sure that expectations are met or exceeded. Take a look at our rough guide to making money on your book and weigh up the costs.

On a shoestring?

One thing that helps us to keep our prices attractive is the fact that we don’t put all our eggs in one basket. We are also a small publisher and the money that comes in from that helps support the other parts of the business.

In certain circumstances, we might consider partnering with authors that are a little strapped for cash but have a book that is truly exceptional – okay, every author knows their book is exceptional but occasionally one just catches our eye.

What we have done in some situations is to GO HALVES with the author. We can (and I stress in exceptional circumstances) cut our fee to half in return for the publishing rights to the book and a portion of the sales. It’s a big risk for us and sometimes it pays off.

We also, in even rarer cases will be happy to simply accept a book for publishing at our full expense and then pay the author a 25% royalty on sales – so no outlay for the author at all.

The Buggane of St Trinians
End Time Survivor
The Brief Presence of an Absent Granny