What's your story?

There’s a BOOK in ALL of us, whether it’s a crime novel, epic fantasy,
romantic novel or the story of a life remembered
Let us help tell your story – it’s easier than you think

Local talent

Oxford and the surrounding area is rich with independent authors. Some have a string of successful books behind them and others have just one masterpiece to their name.

Even in our own little village of Kennington, just South of Oxford, we have helped writers with no less than 15 books, both in print form and eBook. Just at our doorstep are mystery writers, children’s authors, romantic novelists and ordinary folk that have their own story to tell.

A life well lived is the best story

Can there be a project more satisfying than to help tell a life story? Leaving a record of a life that has touched and inspired others is a gift that will be enjoyed by generations.

Whether you’re an accomplished writer or have simply gathered treasured memories and photographs, we can put together a beautiful and lasting volume to share with family and friends.

Share them privately, or publish for the world to read – it’s up to you.

Here are a few examples of memoirs that our customers have published.

Don't be afraid to write

These days, you don’t need to have a publisher or an agent to publish your book. We work for lots of independent authors that have taken the plunge and written their first book – lots of them have come back with a second, third and more. You don’t need to spend a lot of money either – dip your toes in the water and get your book out there on Amazon as an eBook for as little as £150. If you’re happy then why not take the next step and go paperback – see how that goes. Grab a handful of copies for your friends and family, surprise them at Christmas or their birthday! Your book will be there for all to buy on Amazon and for any bookstore to buy if they like the look of it. To find out more, just CLICK HERE

There’s no feeling like finally having
your own book in your hand